Who Has Time to Post on Social Media?

Public Company CEO’s are busy running their company

Stock Marketing Provides Social Media Services

Public company CEO’s are busy people. They’re busy running their company and taking care of all the little (and big) things that come across their desk. They’re busy making the news to put out in news releases. Do they have time to post that news on social media? Probably not. But it’s an important step that public companies need to take. So unless your public company has a social media expert on staff, you need Stock Marketing!

Social media is the way to broadcast information about your company. If your news releases have made it to your company website, that’s great (if they don’t make it to your website we do that too). But who is going to see them? Unless an investor comes to the website directly to view the news release, they aren’t likely to see it. By posting it to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, more investors are likely to see it and even better, share it with their network.

Stock Marketing has years of experience posting company news to all relevant social media. By posting to social media your public company will build a following of loyal investors who are genuinely interested.

Stock Marketing makes it easy for your company to be on all social media platforms from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We take over your accounts and populate them for you with relevant information including all company news. We include relevant hashtags and cashtags and monitor your account for activity. All work is done here in Canada by real people, never automated.

We do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what’s important – running your company. Give us a call today at 647-688-8100 or schedule a call at this link for your free consultation.

Services Include

Website Design

Your website is an investor’s first impression of your company. Make sure your virtual front door is effective.

Social Media

Social Media allows your company to engage and communicate with investors in real-time. 

Company Podcasts

Company podcasts give exposure to a wider audience. Investors have another way to hear what you have to say.

Email Distribution

Collect email addresses from web visitors to send company updates and information to your subscribers.

Website Management

Regularly update your website with news releases, project updates, and financial statements and MD&A.

Web Notifications

Visitors opt-in to receive company news via notifications delivered in real-time directly to their desktop.

Executive Branding

Leverage the power of the leader of your company by using their large networks to attract investors.

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