Web Notifications

Real-time notifications to investors

Real-time notifications to investors

New, modern channel of communication

Web notifications are a relatively new way of reaching someone who has visited your website. During the first few minutes of a visit, they are asked if they want to opt-in to receive notifications from your company. With the click of ‘Accept’ they have opted in! That’s it – no other information is required. You can then directly communicate with investors, even after they have left your website.

When you have a news release, Stock Marketing will also send a notification to all of your subscribers to let them know. As soon as a person who has opted in opens a browser window, the notification will appear with a clickable link which will take them directly to the news release.

  • Messages are delivered instantly in real-time
  • Always viewable regardless if they are on your website or not

A person does not need to be in front of their computer for the notification to be seen. Notifications will also be delivered directly to their phone. They will also receive the notification as soon as they’re back online.

* Web notifications available only to new website designs built by Stock Marketing.

Other Services Include 

Website Design

Your website is an investor’s first impression of your company. Make sure your virtual front door is effective.

Social Media

Social Media allows your company to engage and communicate with investors in real-time. 

Email Distribution

Collect email addresses from web visitors to send company updates and information to your subscribers.

Company Podcasts

Company podcasts give exposure to a wider audience. Investors have another way to hear what you have to say.

Executive Branding

Leverage the power of the leader of your company by using their large networks to attract investors.

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