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The Conversation is Already Happening

Investors are already discussing your public company. You should be a part of the conversation

Is your public company active on social media? Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most popular social platforms for investors to find more information about public companies. They follow public companies in order to have access to news in their own feed – it becomes easy and accessible.

Social media for public companies is important for a few reasons:

  1. It allows a public company to be a part of the conversation. If you aren’t sure there is a conversation going on, head on over to Twitter and enter your hashtag ($ + Stock Symbol). What did you see? Has someone tweeted about your company in the past day? The past hour? This is a conversation you need to be a part of. Good or bad, a public company should know what other people are saying. It’s also a great way to become a part of the conversation by replying to those tweets.
  2. Social media lends legitimacy to your public company. Imagine finding out about a restaurant that sounds fantastic. Most people will go and check out their social media because it gives a good indication of what someone can expect at the restaurant. Plus the images presented on social media will usually be current and recent – a dish that was served last night, a new wine that’s been added to the list. Now imagine going to their social media and finding they haven’t posted for 6 months. Or 2 years. Your impression is they don’t care and you start to wonder why that is. This might be a good enough reason to make a reservation somewhere else.
  3. Being active on social media gives a public company a megaphone to broadcast their story. If you have news to present, why wait for investors to come to the website to give it to them? Social media allows investors to see your news where their eyeballs already are. Most people are already browsing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So go to them to present your news. Don’t make investors work for information.
  4. Public companies will capture the attention of younger investors. Sure, you may have a book of investors you’ve worked with for the past 2 decades, but everyone is always looking for new investors. Sometimes a fresh investor will invigorate a project just when you need it.

Even if your public company isn’t putting news out every week, Stock Marketing can still post information on your social media channels. We use best practices when posting with strategies, techniques, and tactics that have been proven to boost attention from investors. All work is done in-house here in Canada.

We do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what’s important – running your company. Give us a call today at 647-688-8100 or schedule a call at this link for your free consultation.

Services Include

Website Design

Your website is an investor’s first impression of your company. Make sure your virtual front door is effective.

Social Media

Social Media allows your company to engage and communicate with investors in real-time. 

Company Podcasts

Company podcasts give exposure to a wider audience. Investors have another way to hear what you have to say.

Email Distribution

Collect email addresses from web visitors to send company updates and information to your subscribers.

Website Management

Regularly update your website with news releases, project updates, and financial statements and MD&A.

Web Notifications

Visitors opt-in to receive company news via notifications delivered in real-time directly to their desktop.

Executive Branding

Leverage the power of the leader of your company by using their large networks to attract investors.

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