Benefits of Social Media for Public Companies

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Benefits of Social Media for Public Companies by Stock Marketing

Social media – the platforms you love to hate and hate to love. Each one is unique in the way people interact and some platforms attract different types of people. In 2020 they are a necessity for all types of companies, from Apple and Tesla right on through to your local coffee shop. Social media will add legitimacy to your company. It certainly makes it easier to start a conversation with investors or join a conversation that’s already taking place. 

There are so many benefits of social media specific to each platform. But speaking in generalities, here are just a few reasons your public company should be active on social media:

  1. The conversation is already happening about your public company. If you don’t already know, investors and industry experts are already having these discussions, predominately on Twitter. Take a minute right now and visit your company Twitter page. Using the search function, type in your public company stock symbol cashtag ($ + stock symbol) and click the “Latest” tab. What comes up? Is it your company profile? Most likely it isn’t. But these are all investors or industry experts posting about your company. This is a great opportunity to join the conversation as the ultimate expert!
  2. Having active social media accounts shows investors you care about your image. Having a great looking and mobile-friendly website is excellent, but if you don’t broadcast your company news on social media, it’s kind of like getting dressed up for a party but staying home and looking at yourself in the mirror. When you’re looking exceptional, you want to go to the party to make sure everyone can see how awesome you look. Social media is a great place to show investors how great you are. 
  3. Company news should be posted to all social media channels within a day after it’s released. Investors are already logged into social media throughout the day to receive business information and to see what their friends and family are up to. Why not make it seamless for investors and give them your news where they’re already looking. That way they don’t have to visit another place for your information. It will keep your public company top of mind for investors looking to invest. 

Sometimes pubic companies have someone on staff that will take care of their social media. But that means that person needs to be reliable to get the information out there using best practices. It can be time-consuming for someone who isn’t familiar with different platforms and the nuances of how to post to them. Stock Marketing makes it easy for your company to be on all social media platforms from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We take over your accounts and populate them for you with relevant information including all company news. We include relevant hashtags and cashtags and monitor your account for activity. All work is done here in Canada by real people, never automated.

We do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what’s important – running your company. Give us a call today at 647-688-8100, send us an email, or schedule a call at this link for your free consultation.

Services Include

Website Design

Your website is an investor’s first impression of your company. Make sure your virtual front door is effective.

Social Media

Social Media allows your company to engage and communicate with investors in real-time. 

Company Podcasts

Company podcasts give exposure to a wider audience. Investors have another way to hear what you have to say.

Email Distribution

Collect email addresses from web visitors to send company updates and information to your subscribers.

Website Management

Regularly update your website with news releases, project updates, and financial statements and MD&A.

Web Notifications

Visitors opt-in to receive company news via notifications delivered in real-time directly to their desktop.

Executive Branding

Leverage the power of the leader of your company by using their large networks to attract investors.

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